• Testimonials

    • Ilya is a fantastic, energetic and very knowledgeable. He manages to find solutions to problems that others give up on, or unable to correct. Thanks Ilya

      Dimitry G
    • After 4 years of torment from back pain, when nothing helped, I got into “Back in Balance Group” Myotherapy Clinic.
      Practicioner Ilya Zaidel, not just help me reduce the pain, he gave me ability to sleep on my back, ability to move, walk.
      Ilya Zaidel very knoledgeable in his business, a wonderful healer, sensitive to others pain.
      Everyone, who suffers from back pain, I highly recomend to take a course with Ilya Zaidel.

      Emma Medvedev
    • Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Ilya, who’s passionate about Myotherapy and helping his clients. Ilya explains the muscles and how they interact. Ilya has helped me with shoulder, back pain and tight muscles around the hip area.

      Emma L- B
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