Ilya Zaidel


In 2006 Ilya experienced a lower back injury that painfully limited what he could do at home, work and during sports training. After spending lots of time and money going through many different therapies, specialists and scans; the pain didn’t go away and he couldn’t do the things he wanted to in his lifestyle. All that was recommended was rest, a limited lifestyle by removing the things he liked to do, to take pain killers and have a surgery with no guarantees.
He didn’t like that scenario and wanted a pain free body, that was functionally fit to allow him to thrive and do what he loves, rather than simply tolerate the pain and lack of mobility.
After beginning and completing a Myotherapy program with an experienced practitioner, he experienced pain relief for the first time and was able to re-design the lifestyle he wanted. The Myotherapy practitioner later became one of Ilia’s mentors and good friend.
This inspired Ilya to study & help other people relieve their various back & neck complaints. He has completed his studies in Myotherapy & also studied some Sports Therapy, Chinese Medicine & Yoga simultaneously, to get the best out of every system.
This has allowed him to create a unique and integrated approach to giving people pain relief and functional movement; so that they can get on with their lives and not accept limits that can usually be overcome.
So far he has helped over 2500 people with back & neck pains, ranging from top level athletes in various sports and professionals in various industries, where top level performance, productivity & functionality is required and where pain is a costly distraction.
The goal was to give people Pain Free Movement & Comprehensive Freedom.
This would be aimed by upgrading clients to a balanced lifestyle, on multiple levels, via an integrated approach, by releasing pains of the back & neck, unlocking movements of the body & outstretching the limits of the mind, naturally without pills & surgeries.